Biogas is called as the energy of the future, just as waste will become tomorrow’s gold.

Portable Biogas Plants or digestors not just fulfil the purpose of managing a family’s waste hygienically and safely, but can also address their energy requirement. In the newest generation of household biogas systems, waste can be converted into energy in hours!

Unique and created with a strategic design, Synod Bioscience’s ready-to-use, pre-fabricated units provide the ultimate biogas experience :quick assembly, low-maintenance, durability, and convenient. Designed for residences, these portable plants produce biogas that can take care of50 – 70 % of a family’s energy needs.

They are specifically created to fit into small spaces such as balconies, backyards and terraces, customized in standard sizes with different capacities and can be operated by anyone in the home. The residual slurry can also be used in the garden as manure.

Just toss in your food scraps and/or animal waste into the inlet sink and you can generate up to 2 hours of renewable cooking gas, and up to5 liters of all-natural liquid fertilizer DAILY.


Portable Biogas Plants are made of reinforced plastic, are airtight and compact. With a lifespan of 25 years, they look simple, are non-intrusive and can be stored away discreetly.

Synod constructs these units from biogas resistant Iso resin on two sides, and coated with polyester fiber reinforced membrane on the inner side. The unit is further embedded with polyester iso-resin coated metal reinforcement. Designed to collect and store biogas from small quantity of kitchen waste, the plant is meant to maintain low positive gas pressure.

Synod Portable Biogas Plant Benefits


Features convenient sink and plunger for quick and easy food waste disposal


Allows for easy installation- no need for digging or heavy construction


Delivers consistent and reliable gas flow with the help of specially modified biogas burner


Delivered as a kit for convenient transport and easy assembly


Domestic Portable Biogas Plant

Sl. No Capacity (cum) Quantity of max waste (kg) Quantity of gas in hur Quantity of gas LPG equivalent Quantity of slurry Height(meter) Weight(kg) Area (Square Meter) Digging required
1 1 3 2-21/2 300grm 3ltr 1.2 50 1.2 No
2 1.5 5 3-4 500grm 5ltr 1.3 70 1.4 No

Commercial Portable Biogas Plant

Sl. No Capacity (cum) Quantity of max waste (kg) Quantity of gas in hur Quantity of gas LPG equivalent Quantity of slurry Height(meter) Weight(kg) Area (Square Meter) Digging required
1 3 10 6-8 1kg 10ltr 1.8 120 1.6 Yes
2 4.5 15 1.5kg 15ltr 1 150 2.4 No
3 6 20 8 2kg 20ltr 1.2 170 2.4 No
4 7.5 25 9 2.5kg 25ltr 1.4 180 2.4 No
5 9 30 10 3kg 30ltr 1.5 190 2.4 No
6 12 40 12 4kg 40ltr 1.8 250 2.4 Yes
7 15 50 15 5kg 50ltr 2.1 300 2.4 Yes


Synod Bioscience has placed several such biogas units of different capacities in a number of households across India.

We believe in biogas plants that can manage all kinds of waste, work optimally to families and larger establishments a steady supply of bio gas for an enduring period of time. Our experience is setting up domestic and commercial units, quality of product, pre and post sales services and ensuring we stay true to the ‘Swach Bharat’ initiative, ensures we give you a product that is affordable yet fulfils your needs. 



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