Biogas plant is the next step towards clean and sustainable energy. With it, scientists have tapped into the power of reuse and recycle, turning waste into gold. Portable biogas plants, also known as digestors are engineered to sanitarily manage domestic waste and transform it into a potential source of energy with which every household’s power needs can be met. In other words, these plants are going to transform your refuse into energy in just hours. That’s the key to a cleaner planet and a brighter future for mankind. 

In relation to the importance of biogas plant development, it is important to mention the government initiative taken in this direction. SATAT or Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation is focused on setting up numerous Compressed Bio-Gas production plants so that commercial production of biogas can be achieved. This can help in using biogas as automotive fuels. The goal of launching new biogas plants can be achieved by investments carried out by potential entrepreneurs who are keen for such projects. 

Synod Bioscience presents its newest product, a line of portable biogas plants that are built to mitigate the problem of energy that to this day plagues homes across the country. Pre-fabricated and ready to use, these portable plants are one of a kind in the Indian market. These tiny devices tick all the boxes of low-maintenance, superior durability and easy-to-use. Added to that, these have very few moving parts, therefore easy to assemble and take apart. 

Synod Bioscience designed its biogas plants especially for use in residences where these devices can satisfy 50 to 60% of the residents’ power needs. 

Synod’s portable plants are compact in design and built to fit in tight corners and small spaces. You can set them up on your balcony or backyard, even on the terrace if you like. While it comes in one standard size, its capacities and specifications are customizable. With controls easy to understand, these plants can be operated by anyone in the house. What’s more, you can use the slurry the machines produce to fertilize the soil of your garden.

Using this plant is super easy. All it needs is to be fed with biodegradable kitchen refuse or animal waste from time to time. There is an inlet sink where you can dump the waste and it will produce cooking gas to last two hours in just minutes. Byproducts of up to 5 liters are released every day for use as manure.

The Technology of Portable Biogas

If you are wondering if our portable biogas plants are fully sustainable and eco-friendly, then you can rest assured. Synod Bioscience makes its plants with reinforced plastic which are recycled and sustainable. The plants are airtight and space-saving in design. They are just the right size to be tucked away under the counter or inside the closet easily. Each plant has a lifespan of 25 years.

For its plants, Synod uses biogas resistant iso resin. The inside is lined with a polyester fiber reinforced membrane. It is topped with metal reinforcement that is layered with iso-resin. As our plants can process wastes in only small portions, they keep a consistently low positive gas pressure inside.

Best Features of Synod Portable Biogas Plant


The plant features an inlet sink and a plunger with which wastes can be easily introduced and disposed of.

Quick to Install

The plant issurface mounted, meaning there is no need for heavyweight installation works.

Modified Gas Burner

The plant delivers a steady and controlled gas flow, thanks to its specially modified burner.


Our biogas plant is highly portable and can be carried easily over long distances.


Advantages of Synod’s Residential Biogas Plant

Sl. No Capacity (cum) Quantity of max waste (kg) Quantity of gas in hur Quantity of gas LPG equivalent Quantity of slurry Height(meter) Weight(kg) Area (Square Meter) Digging required
1 1 3 2-21/2 300grm 3ltr 1.2 50 1.2 No
2 1.5 5 3-4 500grm 5ltr 1.3 70 1.4 No

Synod’s Commercial Portable Biogas Plant

Sl. No Capacity (cum) Quantity of max waste (kg) Quantity of gas in hur Quantity of gas LPG equivalent Quantity of slurry Height(meter) Weight(kg) Area (Square Meter) Digging required
1 3 10 6-8 1kg 10ltr 1.8 120 1.6 Yes
2 4.5 15 1.5kg 15ltr 1 150 2.4 No
3 6 20 8 2kg 20ltr 1.2 170 2.4 No
4 7.5 25 9 2.5kg 25ltr 1.4 180 2.4 No
5 9 30 10 3kg 30ltr 1.5 190 2.4 No
6 12 40 12 4kg 40ltr 1.8 250 2.4 Yes
7 15 50 15 5kg 50ltr 2.1 300 2.4 Yes

Pros of Synod’s Commercial Biogas Plant

Synod biogas plants are used in homes all across the country. Insofar, we have been able to successfully introduce this technology in residences and industries. While our domestic models support the energy requirements of single families, our commercial plants are designed to supply energy to facilities with bigger energy usage. Going ahead, our goal is to put a biogas plant in every household and commercial property in the country as our two pence to the “Swach Bharat” movement.

If you have any questions on any of our biogas plant models, please feel free to give us a call or drop a message. Our representatives will get back to you shortly. You can also learn more about products on the product pages.



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