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Synod Bioscience, a leader in pioneering waste management systems, has been at the forefront of developing and implementing path-breaking innovative waste management solutionsfor residential and commercial properties.


Who We Are – Synod Bioscience, a leader in pioneering waste management systems, has been at the forefront of developing and implementing path-breaking innovative waste management solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Our product portfolio comprises Domestic and Commercial Biogas plants, Portable Biogas Plant, Sewage treatment plants, and effluent treatment plants that have already been implemented in properties all over India

Domestic and commercial biogas plants are crucial elements of the renewable energy sector. Domestic biogas plants serve individual households by efficiently converting kitchen waste and organic matter into biogas for cooking and heating. On the other hand, commercial biogas plants operate on a larger scale, processing agricultural residues, sewage sludge, and industrial waste to produce significant amounts of biogas for electricity and heat generation.

Portable biogas plants, on the other hand, offer versatility by allowing biogas production wherever organic waste is available. These compact systems are particularly useful in remote areas with limited access to energy infrastructure. Whether it’s for household sustainability, industrial energy needs, or off-grid solutions, biogas plants play a pivotal role in reducing carbon footprints and promoting a greener future.

Portable Biogas Plants by Synod Bioscience

It offers an innovative solution for sustainable energy production, catering to both rural and urban settings. These compact systems efficiently convert organic waste into biogas through anaerobic digestion, reducing dependency on fossil fuels while addressing waste management issues. Their portability ensures versatility, enabling deployment in diverse environments like households, farms, and small businesses.

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, portable biogas plants require minimal space and maintenance. They can process various organic materials such as kitchen waste, agricultural residues, and animal manure, producing biogas rich in methane—a clean fuel suitable for cooking, heating, and electricity generation.

In addition to energy generation, portable plants offer environmental benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing organic waste disposal. Their affordability and scalability make them accessible to a wide range of users, promoting self-sufficiency and environmental stewardship. As society increasingly embraces sustainable practices, portable biogas plants represent a promising solution for decentralized energy production and waste management, contributing to a greener future.

Biogas Generator

In response to global environmental challenges, Bangalore, known as India’s Silicon Valley, is leading by example with the adoption of home biogas generators. These innovative devices provide an eco-friendly approach to waste management and energy production.

Biogas generators have the advantage of converting waste into a valuable resource. Organic waste, which would typically end up in landfills and emit harmful greenhouse gases, can now be utilized to power homes. Bangalore, a city renowned for its technological advancements, is pioneering the adoption of this green energy solution, reflecting India’s commitment to renewable energy.

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Portable Biogas Plant Manufacturer in Bangalore India

Portable Biogas

Biogas is called as the energy of the future, just as waste will become tomorrow’s gold. Portable biogas plants are not just fulfil the purpose of managing a family’s waste hygienically and safely, but can also address their energy requirement. In the newest generation of household biogas systems, waste can be converted into energy in hours!

Institutional Community Biogas Plant

Institutional Community Biogas Plant

Biogas as an energy source on a large scale has considerable advantages, in comparison with fast depleting fossil fuels traditionally used for energy production. Because of the versatility of biogas as a low pollutant, high yielding, renewable energy source, it can be used to produce electricity, generate heat and bio-methane gas for small and large establishments.

Composting Machine Synod Bangalore India

Composting Machine

Fully automatic, highly compact and effective, Synod Waste Composting Machine addresses the waste management needs of residential and commercial spaces. Built with sturdy materials, the machine uses micro-organisms to break down organic wet waste into compost in a natural and biological environment, with volume reduction of 85-90%.


Waste Management Companies in India

Waste Collection

Waste collection, primarily the sourcing of solid, wet and dry waste is a significant part of the waste management cycle. Successful solid waste management is one that seamlessly manages the storage, collection, transport, segregation and final disposal of waste. Synod Bioscience understands the difficulty and complexity associated…

Waste Water Treatment in India

Wastewater Treatment

Waste water treatment – treating water unfit for human consumption – into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle or reused is an essential step towards ensuring that we maximize the use of this resource.Synod Bioscience applies its globally recognized technological expertise to extract waste water’s full value..

Compressed Biogas in India Synod

Compressed Biogas

Compressed Biogas–Generation,Purification & Bottling Bio-CNG is the purified form of biogas, without other gaseous impurities. It is very similar to natural gas in its composition and energy potential, is a renewable energy source, eco-friendly and can replace LPG and CNG easily.It is also very cost-effective to produce, making it one of the cheaper fuels.


Waste is our future and today’s dirt is set to become tomorrow’s gold. With the enormous amount of waste generated every day, the proper and scientific disposal of waste is very essential. What is even more important is the conversion of that Waste to energy, a renewable energy source considered as the energy of the future. Synod Bioscience offers extensive waste management solutions that takes care of the management and sustainable disposal of waste and the efficient use of its by-products to meet other household needs.

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Synod Bioscience offers extensive tailored solutions in waste management, segregation and treatment, including plant set-up and management
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