CASE STUDY – Airforce station jallahalli

August 4th,2017 Leave Comment

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE CASE : Air Force Station, Jalahalli (Now 410 AFS), which is located next to Air Force Technical College is built on a large area. AFS Jalahalli holds various training establishments for airmen, including Electronics, Electrical, Communication and Logistical Training institute.
All these training establishments have more than a total of 18 canteens inside the station, where huge quantity of food is prepared for the trainees.


AOC KL Yadav who was incharge at the time was personally interested in PM Modi’s ‘Swatch Bharath’ abhiyaan. He got one unit of biogas approved from a special fund. He got in touch with Synod to discuss and place a biogas unit of 1 tonne inside the ETI campus to take care of food waste from 2 messes. The order was placed with us thereafter.

Before Synod took charge of the site, AOC KL Yadav has transferred to Delhi and project was taken care of by Group Captain Ram Mohan of ETI campus .


Synod’s technical team had visited the AFS Jalahalli campus and noted that every canteen generates more quantity of waste than usual messes because of a sudden increase of trainees every now and then. The team gave 18 different reports for each mess, also training to the mess incharge to reduce the food waste quantity.

Project was completed on September, and by December the unit started functioning at full efficiency of 1 tone processing. They utilize biogas of around 2 cylinders daily (around 40 kg LPG equivalent), and they even lament the fact that a huge quantity of gas is wasted from the unit as their cooking is limited to twice a day (morning and afternoon).

Newly appointed AOC Air Commodore Dharam Vir officially inaugurated the unit in the year of 2016 and is planing to implement the project in other stations with an eye of keeping the city clean and green.

Mess in charge Jaisind, who was keen in this technology found that the slurry was wasting due to drainage. He started cultivating some fresh vegetables with the slurry from biogas. Now most of the vegetables are grown in the campus with the help of slurry utilised from the biogas unit.


Commodore RL Brahma Prakash CQAE, invited Air officer on command KL Yadav to inaugurate the 10 kg portable biogas unit installed in CQAE campus. AOC was interested in the functioning of the unit and quoted that “I have seen many units of biogas but it has been noted that after few months plants go non functional.” Also he said that the look of this portable unit was aesthetic and asked Mis Shristi Jaiswal, Manager Synod Bioscience to visit his campus immediately.